First attempt w/ Sparkle and Image Quality

Hi Folks, Downloaded Sparkle (to find a replacement for Sandvox) and my first attempt at a home page top image (hero image?) is way less that satisfactory quality wise when I click on live preview in Safari. The image quality is sub standard, nothing like I’ve seen in the demo pages you have as examples of sites created by Sparkle. I tried 1600 size for the wide page, both in .jpg and .png file sizes and imported each into a image box. And honestly, it looks horrible. Am i missing something?? some step, etc??

OK, I guess I solved my issue. I’ve found that using a full size photo, 4000pix and importing is the way to go. let Sparkle resize.


@talkgtr, Yes that was going to be my suggestion. The larger file size and larger image dimension is even more important for the 5K Retina displays.