First upload help to publish after iweb

This may be obvious to everyone else - I am trying to publish for the first time to the internet on sparkle.

Previously root folder is configured on iWEB - do i need to delete all the files first on host site?

I have the FTP user details etc - getting stuck at root folder step.

Any help gratefully accepted,


Are you hosting your website on a ‘traditional’ hosting plan i.e is it on a linux server, and what is your website address going to be e.g and what was your old website address?

If you are hosting your site as suggested above then If it were me I would have a good clear out before uploading a new sparkle website to it.

But be careful what you delete!
in the public_html folder there will be a cgi-bin, whatever you do DO NOT DELETE THIS - sorry about the caps but it is a warning :slight_smile:

Any other files and folders such as index.html and subfolders from the previous iWeb can safely be deleted.

I have never used iWeb so I don’t know how it hosts the files etc. Maybe someone else can also suggest some help in this regard.


Thank you so much Scott,

yes i have a LINUX server and it is the same URL address as before…

I have deleted the files in Homedirectory>HTTPdocs

yikes hope i haven’t deleted the cgi-bin I can’t see it there!!!

When trying to publish, I enter in all the FTP details, connect and get:

The selected folder is not published.

Do I need to manually add an index.html or new folder on server (have tried this, no luck)

As Duncan will say at times the hosting servers can be a bit tricky?
This is how I have set one up for one of my clients… I’m using a subfolder called “/dev”…

Going about it this way (plus I have SSL on all my clients hosting accounts) I always seem to have success!..

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Thank you! So do you then also set the sub folder up on your server?
This is what I get…!

@gbolton, Have you tried just to ask Sparkle to go “Next”?

I use slightly different config when uploading through sparkle and it works every time for me. I have an SSL certificate on this hosting plan.

On my server Sparkle will publish to the public_html folder as shown below…

so after publishing with Sparkle inside the public_html folder is where all the uploaded files are located…

Yes @greenskin it just goes back to the error msg…

@gbolton, You should be placing your website under “public_html”. Try that and if Sparkle errors, push it pass that by going “Next”…

hmmm ok I don’t seem to have the public_html folder option…

It is hosting through ‘domain central’ (provider)

@gbolton, Ok just to make sure… are you hosting with a hosting provider and do you have access to a cPanel which is the interface to your hosting package. Or are you self-hosting?

Yes ‘domian central’ is my hosting provider and I have a control panel

I think if you are trying to publish to httpdocs then your web address would be but if I’m not mistaken if you try and publish to then the public_html folder is an alias for the ‘www’ part of you website address.

I think that is correct, my apologies if it is misleading information.

@gbolton, Ok strange then. With @rimram help I’m sure we are close but maybe @duncan can take a look and help your further? It might be something we have missed!..

@gbolton Any luck in sorting this out?


Thanks so much guys, yes finally sorted. There was an issue with the host (server pointing to wrong location/IP address in the changeover) Thank you for your willingness to help much appreciated :slight_smile:

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That’s good news! Great that you are up and running :smile: