Fix picture position in a text

Like a newspaper I have one long textbox and use adding picture boxes to include pictures between the textlines.
Now I add or change some lines of text and I have to readjust the position of all picture boxes, because they aren’t linked with their position in the text.

How can I adjust the picture boxes with their position in the text?

Hi @MMU, welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

I think I know what you have described, but first thing first… Sparkle’s canvas, when an element has been placed, is fixed. It doesn’t move relative to the other elements on the canvas so in the end you have to manually adjust it.

Have you thought of doing it another way?..

  • A textbox, an image (Grouped), followed by another textbox, followed by an image (Grouped), followed by a textbox, etc…
  • Wrap Text (you can find that under the Arrange tab) around placed images
  • Use a Block Layout per text / image, and repeat that… As you increase the text the Layout Block grows pushing the Layout Blocks below it down the page
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@FlaminFig thanks a lot, I always use groups an layout blocks for other stuff.
But not for this. I don’t like this fragmentation of longer text passages.

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MMU, What you are describing is what Affinity Publisher and Adobe InDesign do. The image forms part of the text block and moves with the text if the text moves. Sparkle doesn’t have this facility so it will have to be a manual re-position each time I’m afraid. Maybe one day though!

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Did Adobe Muse do it too?

In a way Adobe Muse did because it was a responsive canvas - each element was relative to one another and so influenced one another. But they started with using a fixed elements canvas like Sparkle.

I should add that Sparkle and the defunked Adobe Muse creates/created “responsive” websites.
But I clearly remember that when Muse was changed to elements relative to one another (in stead of fixed to one another) the many problems arose and never went away! And I think in the end it was Muse’s downfall.

I love with Sparkle that what I see on the canvas is what I see pixel for pixel in the browser!!! :slight_smile:

First, thank you for engaging with my question!

From my text orientated user point of view, I would like to be able to set a position anchor in the text to determine the position of the image in relation to the text. Quasi a for me not visible group formation of textbox and imagebox.
With that I would still be able to place the text as a whole in a text block. The text box already reacts to the position of the image with the contour formation. Somehow there has to be a logical connection between the two. Why can’t I freeze these?

Furthermore, it would be helpful to connect jump anchors with text passages alternativ a group.

My 2 ct