Flamin' Fig Black Friday Sale!

Ok it is live for the next 4 days! Our very first Flamin’ Fig sale!

If you have had your eye on one of our templates then our Black Friday Sale (right through to Cyber Monday (midnight)) might do the trick! For the next 4 days we have 20% off all templates!

To get your discount on checkout use the discount code BLACK20OFFFRIDAY
Your website will love you for it! :slight_smile:

Check it out - https://flaminfig.com

Do any of the templates feature a blog? I’ve checked and don’t see any. Thanks.

Hi @stemperley, thank you for your interest! :slight_smile:

You have checked correctly. I haven’t yet introduced blogs but in saying that the next two templates (nearly halfway there with both) do have a blog.

The other option that we offer as a service here at Flamin’ Fig is tweak an existing chosen template and add the feature(s) needed by the client. So that is another option…

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Thanks. Let me get a little more set with basics and I’ll get back to you.

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