Flipping wow man

Ive been building sites since 1999 and loved Muse it just made so much sense and now I have discovered this beautiful behemoth…I’m in love. I literally am enjoying web design again where as I had really lost may passion. This tool is epic and I’m just so stoked on the possibilities… I will build every site in this program now.

So I guess that’s all I wanted to say - hello Duncan! You’re a G. The only other software developer I have equal respect for is Pixelator who made zBrush, a 3d sculpting app. That dude also opened up doors for my life, as has this extraordinary software package. So thank you good sir, I hope my little dimes in the bucket and those of others help you guys continue for years.


Thanks for the kind words! Also I should mention my (silent) partner @daniele who needs to take at least 50% of the blame :slight_smile:


Thank you Mr. Duncan! Well hats off and big thanks to @daniele as well, for bringing something to web design that will forever change how small to medium sized websites are made! By me at least. :slight_smile:

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