Fold/unfold arrows

Hi Sparkelinos!
I might have to use some fold/unfold arrows in a very text-heavy webpage I am creating. I am quite aware of, that I could use a text element “Read more” with an “On click” action instead, that unfolds/ toggles a Layout block containing the text…, but that is not, what I am asking for.

I would like to have a little arrow, that rotates 90 degrees and shows
As far as I know, Sparkle does not offer an action/animation “On click”, and definitely not a double action.

Does anybody have an easy workaround?
Or am I simply missing out on something here?

Best regards to all of you. It is quite cosy in this forum!

You could try using a Button @TomVogel with a selected background… In your case a horizontal arrow.

When you give a button a background image you can now change the background image on the hover state. So in your case you would place a downward pointing arrow as the background image.

Give that a try and see how you go! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot! That was easier than I thought! ;o)

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