"Follow Footer" problem in recent update

I have a number of sites that use a Sparkle “wide bar” with some text and a few icons as a footer. These are all grouped together. I check the box to “follow footer”.
Since the recent Sparkle update, when adding new content on the page above the footer, I have been having a lot of trouble moving the footer bar. “Follow Footer” doesn’t seem to be working as it should. The vertical size of the bar will not stay the same as I drag it lower to make room above it…it expands, then contracts and generally misbehaves. Very buggy.

Also: when trying to view the footer in Preview mode, the page keeps jumping back toward the top; I can’t get to the bottom to check my work. Very frustrating to say the least.

Has anyone else encountered such problems lately?

UPDATE: I trashed the footer and recreated it. Seems okay now.