Follow Footer Space Underneath


I’m new to this programme so still figuring it out - I’ve built my site and grouped some objects together and set as ‘follow footer’ and it’s working mostly however on some pages it shows space at the bottom of the page (screenshot attached) not on them all though - is there anyway to fix this?

Thank you !

Screenshot 2020-04-16 at 12.28.11|690x398

Hard to say, generally a quick fix is to set the footer to be visible only on the current page, then flip it back to all pages

Hello, thanks - I did try that but I can’t use the ‘make visible on all pages’ option as the pages are different heights and when I have ‘make visible on all pages’ option the footer isn’t always in the correct spot.

That’s the whole point of the follow footer checkbox actually.

I’ll try it again that way - when I used it lat time the footer kept appearing in the middle of some pages, I uploaded a test site and it’s working apart from on a couple of pages in portfolio

We can take a look if you send the project file over to

lovely, thanks so much - I’m still fiddling about with it but if I still have problems later I’ll pester you on that email. Thanks again for all your help