Fonts management in 2.8

Hi, I just updated to 2.8 and as soon as I tried to re-open my project I got asked about the fonts I used… I didn’t find any major change about fonts management in the notes, but it looks like I can’t use Google web fonts anymore (at least not the easy way). Anyone else had this problem?

Hi Nicolas, we don’t use Google fonts since Sparkle 2.6, though it’s the same collection of fonts (for the most part), this was because of GDPR and Google’s lack of clarify on what they do with the IP addresses collected via font delivery on

In 2.8 we had to remove the use of a bunch of system fonts, because earlier this year Safari started ignoring system fonts except for a handful (Helvetica, Times, the usual). This is due to system fonts being used as a way to track users online.