Footer (slider) is frozen

Hi All,

I have a multi page website. One of the pages is very long. This pushes the footer slider all the way down. Which is ok for that page, of course.

But my home page is short. Still I can not put up the footer slider anymore. This results that my homepage is showing the scroll bar at the right side and you can scroll down quite a lot.

What makes the footer slider to be locked/frozen on my homepage? What influence has the length of the other page? I believe that footer slider should act independent from other pages, right?

Anyone that can help me out?

Note: this appears in my 320px setting, mobile view.

Hi @HPee, welcome!

The footer element in your page, or possibly a group of elements, is positioned as follows.

If you have selected the “show in all pages” radio button (arrange inspector), it will be at the same vertical position in all pages, measured from the top of the page.

If you have selected “Follow footer” (arrange inspector), the positioning will no longer be relative to the top of the page, rather it will be relative to the page bottom element.

The follow footer setting is inconsequential for elements that are shown in a single page (except it will move when you move the page bottom control), but for multi-page elements this means each page can be just as long as it needs to be.

As is usual for any element, the position is independent and separate for each device.

Relevant documentation:

Thanks Duncan. But I was not talking about a footer that I have created. I was talking about the page length slider, that you can slide up and down at the bottom of the page.

This one was frozen, I could not move it up anymore and it was all the way down on a very short page.

I already solved it. I had an element behind an other element on a very lengthly page at the bottom of that page!
I could not see this element because it was behind that other element. This hidden element was repeating on all pages and following the footer. Somehow that made the footer (or page length) slider move on all pages to that position. I deleted that hidden repeating footer element and it was solved. Now I can move the footer/page-length slider on all pages again.