Form email randomly breaks?

Greetings! I have a form on a website that emails to a specific address. It worked fine when I posted it - I have not touched it in any way. Last month it randomly quit working, with no warning of course. I can not get it to work again. I assume when I upload changes to the site, something changed there - but I didn’t do it. The email works fine, and receives emails. Any idea why emails from forms seem often unreliable? (When no settings where touched after it worked)

Hello :wave:t2:

To begin with, have you checked your spam folder? If you don’t have any messages in spam, check in the settings that they are not automatically deleted.

You can also check that the PHP version of your site has not been changed (minimum PHP 7).

If that doesn’t work, I invite you to read Duncan’s post (and even all the others) :