Form submission not collecting required email (Fixed)

Hi Sparklers,

I have an unexpected problem with the “Send contact form via email.”

I added a simple information collection form with a required email text line (copied/pasted/modified from similar forms).
Screenshot 2024-01-12 at 1.00.49 PM

Two issues occur:
First, the form submits even without filling in the required email address field.
Second, the received email contains no email address even if one is entered on the form.

I believe I checked all the proper boxes and have confirmed and tested multiple times. Any one experienced this? Suggestions?

Link to the submission:
Only the reply email and a response to Item 1 are required, if you wish to try the live site.


At a quick check the email form field doesn’t appear to be included in the list of input fields submitted with the submission button.

Thanks Duncan.

That error was my first check but it was ticked. I deselected and reselected it too then re-uploaded as well.

So something else we need to look into. Please send that page of the project file to our email and we’ll take a look.

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Thanks @duncan for the fix…

Toggling the page’s password protection option effectively worked around the issue.

[after 5.3 Build 24807]
And now, it looks like the update corrected the issue. As usual, efficient and effective. Much appreciated. :bowing_man: :bowing_man: :bowing_man: