Form with radio buttons that directs users to different checkout pages

I’d like to create a simple form with different buying options (radio buttons). Upon submission the user should be redirected to the corresponding checkout page. I know how to create a form with radio buttons, however I do not know how to create the logic that determines to which checkout pages users are redirected. Anyone?

I’m afraid that’s not currently possible in Sparkle.

best way to do this is using a cart/ecommerce platform and embbed it within your Sparkle website. Sparkle does not handle ecommerce logistics

I understand, however I wish to work with checkout pages (for every product one). I only sell one product with three payment variants (one time purchase, subscription and instalments).

Why not create the three payment variants as buttons on the product page. Each link can then go to the appropriate check-out page.

oh, if it’s only one product, then this flow may be more worth both on user experience and on your management

Sorry for my late reaction but I followed up on your suggestion. Thx.

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