Formatting and repositioning Widgets

I am trying to get IDX MLS working on my Sparkle website. I found a company called Add On IDX that offers widget code that can be added to display the needed items. I tested on and it shows up on my website after publishing. But … it is locked into the top left corner and I am not sure how to resposition it.

Also … I don’t see any way to format any of the results.

I realize that MLS is not something supported in Sparkle. But I was hoping that the use of these Widgets would solve the problem.

I am attaching a screenshot of the code as entered into the Developer section under “Code for HTML” and also a screenshot of the result in my website.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Have you tried to put your script in a popup?
Popup can be opened on many positions.

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Hello @dMacGuy,

a couple issues, first code using document.write is absolutely ancient and shouldn’t be used. If the widget provider has other ways of embedding code it would be much much better.

Also a widget is generally something that goes in the page, not in the page <head>.

You can add a widget by using the Embed element (from the Add popup), and paste the code there.

The embed element itself can go anywhere on the page or like @MiWe mentions in a Sparkle popup.

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