Forms to capture data

I’m wanting to add a basic form on my site so users can register their information. I’m wanting to capture
name (optional),
email address
comments box (also optional)
does sparkle have the capability to do this?

Hi @john2, and welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

Yes Sparkle can do that and it does it very well.
You are able to design your own form however you want from the Sparkle form elements, and you can find them here…

ok I’ve tried to create a form, but it doesn’t forward the data on as an email.

Hi @john2,

could you try setting up this to troubleshoot:

  • go to
  • get an email address
  • set that email address in your “recipient” field
  • publish your site again
  • send a test contact form
  • go back to the page and view the results (and share the page link back so I can look too)
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sorry not getting any results here. just a rowing boat continuously rowing

That means the email is never leaving your web hosting server. Please ask them if they have specific settings or requirements to send email from your website.

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Just to clarify @john2, you have created a Send Button, and when you click on the Send Button you have chosen (under On Click) Send Contact Form Via Email?

You have then selected all the Form Elements Collected?
And finally you have connected your Send Button to a Thank You page?
If you have done all this then your Sparkle form should work.

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Thank you so much duncan and FlaminFig its now now working.
I added thank you page etc, and also changed from SMTP to Email via web and now its working.