Function "Go to pages in this website" not functioning

Hi everyone,

Some assistance would be much appreciated for an issue I’m struggling to resolve.

I’m using a template for my website. When I click on one of the buttons (e.g. “About Us”) in the main menu, it fails to scroll down to the correct page.

In the Style pallette, I’ve selected “Go to page in this website” in the “On Click” menu. The page titles and buttons all correspond to each other.

Thanks for any help.


Hi @JohnG, welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

From what you have posted are you saying you have a long website page with sections like About Us, Our Projects, etc…? If that is the case then most likely you will have anchor points (aka, Scroll Location) down your page that you can only see with your grids tuned (this can be done by hitting the Tab key) on when working in the Sparkle canvas.

Those Scroll Locations are named, which when clicked on you will see it in the right-hand panel.
This name and the button you click need to match for the scroll down the page to work.

When a Scroll Location is introduced you will see it as the third drop down under the On Click


Hello and WELCOME!

You are in the preview mode? While editing a page, it does not work.

Mr. F.

Thank you so much!

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