Glad to see this happening

Its good to see Sparkle has started a forum. Our community on FaceBook isn’t going away anytime soon but its good to have another means of communicating with other Sparkle users.

Will you be adding Avatars and signatures to our posts?

Sparkle, Visual Web Design User Group


Yes I also like to see a forum, love that idea.

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I’m a bit of a noob with discourse. Looks like you figured out avatars (or let me know if you wanted something different). We’re using a hosted discourse, I think signatures require a plugin, and I’m not sure new plugins can be added to this hosting but I’ll check.

Actually the forum used Gravatar to setup the avatar automatically. But I just checked and you can upload a custom image so that’s already handle for people that want it.

This is fantastic. Thanks!

I like this idea, it will be a great help to connect Sparkle Users etc

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Hey, this is really great to see! Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’m in … and well done. :nerd_face:

Hi@all! Good Idea - a new forum

:+1: seems pretty interesting to me :slightly_smiling_face:

HI Andrea.

Where abouts in Italy? I was just there in March. Visited Positano, Naples, Rome, Florence and Venice.

Didn’t know there was a Facebook community. :open_mouth: But of course there is, what was I thinking? :sweat_smile:

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Come join us there. The link is in my original post above.

I’m thrilled to have a forum too, I’m a member on Facebook but forums give much better search options :slight_smile:

Very good idea ! Will try to participate…

So glad there is a community. I am not into Facebook or Twitter, so felt a bit lost in sharing or being informed. Thanks for this initiative.


Siempre me han gustado los foros, las comunidades sobre un producto, tema… En aquellos tiempos en los que entrabas en los foros para aprender, se han perdido, y me alegro que estén resurgiendo.
Nunca he sido de RRSS, lo siento, nunca les he encontrado el sentido, debo ser torpe y rara!!! :shushing_face:
Ahora que he descubierto la comunidad Sparkle, espero dejar de darle la lata a Duncan con tonterias!!!