Global labelling of images in galleries

OK, I am able to get the images in a gallery to use the image name by using the label and smart field options. However that still means adding a label to each image individually, on large galleries that’s still very time consuming. What I would like is to be able to insert label on first image, adjust box to a size that will accommodate all the text and then have that insert in all the images in the gallery?
Is that possible and/or am I missing something that’s already there?

I have had problems even getting the labelling to work , raised this with Duncan and he is looking into it !

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I have now got it working! I was missing how to apply to all images and have now found how to!


please enlighten me as to how you solved the problem , still having diffs here with putting on the label

How did you get your label previews to display so they are actually useful? My label previews of the image are microscopic. I try to add a label, I move it slightly and it zooms to some random place miles away from the image, it’s driving me crazy. The preview that I’m seeing is totally worthless.

@duncan how can I get label previews to actually indicate what the action is going to do?


Maybe I’ve posted this to the wrong place? I thought this was a good post because it detailed my exact problem. His preview works, mine doesn’t, why is that? What do I need to change? Thanks!

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