GoDaddy - Size Scale Blow up? - Across all devices

Hello Sparkly Friends,

New WYSIWYG type developer here - loved Sparkle and began upping all my GoDaddy hosted sites via Sparkle.

However, my main site is now HUGE -

It was working fine for a few months, but now it seems to have quadrupled in size and many assets are on top of each other. When I mess around in Sparkle, and make a few edits and re-sizing it doesn’t seem to help. When I view in “LocalHost” on my MacBook it looks fine. Did some GoDaddy setting change or is there a tutorial/fix in Sparkle I need to apply?

Thanks in advance!

@Yellingpindrop, I would check your devices used… it looks like what you have set up for the 768 device is what I’m seeing on desktop.

OK. Thank you - I played around with the Device options and eventually restored the proper settings. It was my first time trying to optimize the other options, but I must have taken the PC/Desktop option off as the default or …

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