Google Analytics 4 HELP

I have had a horrible time getting analytics to work. Finally did now it broke again with analytics 4. Anyone get this to work. I have the ID in the setting and selected 4. It just doe snot work. Been on support for 2 days now. Not the host. Not google?

Do you use the property id?

Hi @jjburford, sorry about the trouble. You need to enter the “Measurement ID” in Sparkle. If you can share the website address I can look at the page if that’s correct.

I’ve encountered what I believe is a bug in the Settings for Analytics. When you enter a changed ID for the analytics setting, without changing the TYPE of analytics, the cached analytics setting isn’t invalidated and thus Sparkle doesn’t update the appropriate pages. It seems that if you change the analytics type, but not the ID, you’ll get new Tag Manager or Google Analytics property code in the pages. This may be why, while you continue to make changes the correspondents here recommend to work with Google, nothing happens as you expect. Working with Google (including indexing issues and their support) is THE most frustrating aspect of managing a web site. Raising children is easier.

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I just tested this and changing the ID without changing the type does indeed change the code in all pages. I realize this can be frustrating, and not claiming Sparkle is bug free, but this doesn’t seem to be an actual issue.

Actually, I’m having the same challenge JBTexas mentions. I’ve changed the selection in settings to Google Analytics 4 and entered the appropriate code into the field. I closed it and re-opened after saving hoping it would register the change. The embedded code on the home page still reads for UA. Maybe there’s something else I’m supposed to change? Actually I’d like to be able to have both(Universal Analytics and GA4) functional until I’m sure GA4 is really working the way I want.

No aware of any issue there. Could you send a screenshot recording showing the problem to

Yes, thank you. Sent.

We looked into this with @retrozone and can confirm there is no issue with the Measurement ID being lost by the site settings.