Google Maps Update?

Just wondering if anybody had found a way round the fact that Google now want you to give them your bank info for allowing you to use an embedded Google Map?

Could Apple Maps be used instead?

It looks like you have to have a Developer Account for this to work with Apple Maps! :confounded:

But there does seem to be this website:

Anybody got any views on this??

UPDATE: I’ve found that if you use Basic Maps (Obsolete) that that seems to be working for me!


The “Basic Maps (Obsolete)” is the way to go. It has that naming because at some point it appeared Google had shut it down. Maybe they never will, but who knows!

Can you use openstreetmap? It’s free.

Maybe try Felt. A great new mapping platform.

This is an appeal to all you webdesigners out there: Google has become ridiculously powerful, influencial and decisive. They not only make our days hard and weary, they also tend to change the world without any particular reason every couple of months. It is upon us to take away this power over us, our clients and the digital world, again. Use other services, they’re (mostly) free, they’re good. Don’t hogtie yourself to Google. Stop now with a bit extra work or get a lot of hassle and work in the future from an all-dominant Google.

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