Goto page function?

While editing, is there an easy way to navigate to a page to avoid constant scrolling the page/layers side bar?

Have you tried to untick View / Show Thumbnails?
You might prefer it better if you have a lot of pages to your website…

Perfect! Thank you!!!

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Even if this is checked, one still has to scroll all the way up and down. On my 27" my layers panel on the left contains up to 5 or 6 pages maximum.
Something like a rightclick on a page or a button at the menubar and a dropdownmenu with pages …
I could think of a lot pssibilities but also to have this at hand on all screens - not easy to handle, I guess.

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I think that is just the nature of the game… more pages, more layer of elements and the left hand side panel grows and grows! I’m not sure if there is a solution to that…

Now if I could only set a larger text size for the pages list! There’s always something, huh…!?