Grids and Rulers

Howdy all-

I’m trying to make 4 pages exactly the same size with content enclosed… I got the grid game…but are there no vertical rulers?? :upside_down_face:

Thank you in advance

There shouldn’t be a need for rulers as such, because the underlying grid structure of the page provides an alignment across the page - objects will snap to those grid columns. Neither is there a lot of need for a vertical ruler because there are alignment tools that can ensure that objects placed across the page can be perfectly aligned. I guess where vertical rulers would be useful is when you want to align objects down the page with a fixed equal spacing in between. In many respects, this is probably just as easily achieved by adding spacer objects to the page and then moving them round as needed to create the spacing required.

For example, I often create horizontal spaces of 20px to match the gutter spacing of the underlying grid. To do this I create a box that is set to 20px in height - like this:

I then use this on the page to align other objects above and below, as illustrated below:

When I’m done with those items, I slide the spacer box down the page to add additional items below the last row of objects on the page - like this:

This continues as I move down the page and creates a symmetrical placement of objects exactly 20px apart both vertically and horizontally. When I’m done placing the objects, I delete the spacer.

In your use-case scenario, where you may want to create a grid structure that is common to a number of pages, simply create the page layout as a set of wireframe boxes, buttons or placeholders - spacing them with or without a spacer box. When the page is how you like, just duplicate the page and start adding content to the wireframe. With some objects, such as image placeholders, buttons or box elements, you can lock them into position to prevent them getting accidentally moved around. Even when locked, the objects can still be styled, but they won’t move around until you unlock them.


Ahhhhhh… yes but how would I set a working space for 4 static pages, no scrolling, to make each page the same size. Is this done with boxes? I want each page to be the exact same size. I am so used to rulers with PS and with Muse…I am trying to find a way to do this with Sparkle…so I am “eye-balling” it.

It might be simpler to put a box on the page to the height you want the page to be, then move the bottom page handle up to the bottom of the box. Then just copy and paste the box on each page and repeat. All pages will then be the same size.


This is exactly what I did!!
Huge sigh of relief! :upside_down_face:
Again, I knew there had to be a workaround. Thank you guys for your help!