Group does not remain pinned at the top

Hello everyone.

I don’t know why, but suddenly the second group (menu bar) no longer pushes the first group (image) away and then no longer remains fixed at the top.

So far it has also worked. When scrolling the page, the second group took the place of the first group and remained pinned to the top.
My page:

Previously you could not see this duplicate line on the other pages - i.e. all pages except the index page (Dellacoma & Privacy)

I haven’t changed anything myself and I can’t find any error in the settings - from now on it doesn’t work anymore …
I am at a bit of a loss.


Can you please show the settings for both groups.
Both must be “stick to top” AND “last one pushes previous”.
Check the order in the layers, so that 2nd is above 1st.

Mr. F.

Thank you!
I think I only set that in the second group, I’ll check it at home