Group’s lost functionality?

I’ve noticed my horizontal menu loses its drop down and link functionality when placed in a group. Has anyone else notice lost functionality within a group of elements?


First, check your layers panel and make sure you haven’t inadvertently placed anything over the top of your menu.

If that test is passed:

Copy your menu group to a blank Sparkle document.

For menu group, make sure share on all pages is off.

If there are elements that have one time animations applied within the group, turn off the animations and test in Preview mode.

If the problems persists:

Ungroup the items and test in Preview mode.

If the problem still persists report it to Duncan - he’ll probably intervene here at some point anyhow.


Thanks @Chris.

I’m not yet leveraging animations and I know that when I ungroup, all is fine. Therefore (and without checking first), I am guessing, I did place something on top of the menu.

However, I don’t understand what that means. Are you saying the order of the elements and groups in the Layers panel is important? Does the order within a group matter? If so, how does it matter? What do I need to consider regarding the order?

Sparkle now does a brilliant job of recognising a menu that is intended as the main navigation and keeping it at the top of the Layer hierarchy in the layers panel, even when you group it with other elements. so no problem there.

If you group the menu with other elements just make sure that another element in your group is not inadvertently overlapping the actual menu item that could prevent an OnMouseOver (desktop device) or Press (touch device) event for the menu drop down.

If you are confident that an element is not inadvertently overlapping your menu item is the case then best to ask the Sparkle team.

Sometimes it necessary to view the Sparkle file to see what the issue could be.


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