Hamburger menu not showing up in preview

I’ve decided to modify our site navigation from buttons to a hamburger style drop down. I’ve added the menu… it shows up in Sparkle, but not in the preview…

Am I missing something obvious here?

Hard to say. Are you previewing the current device?

Yes. I was. Then suddenly it showed up. But now when I try to make the changes to other devices, having issues. On smartphone layout for example… can’t get the font size to increase on the dropdown…

No matter how big I make the text… its stays unreadable in the menu…

It’s best if we take a look at the project file. Please send it over to

Good Day.

I was about to ask the same question. Is there a solution for the font size in the dropdown menu items?
I had to build a new menu for the smaller devices to have a different font size.

Mr. F.