Handing website over to a client

Once a website is done for a client how do you go about handing it over to them? Do you send them the FTP? What if they want to edit themselves? In my research I have found no CMS tool compatible to Sparkle.

@Colbitos_way, Welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

A few of us will chime in on this, but this is my take…
Sparkle is not only the website design platform but also the CMS so if I have a client that wants to take over the editing then I give them a copy of the Sparkle project file and place it in a shared iCloud folder.

I will run them through it in how it all works and what they can and can’t do and in the end hope that it all works out… but things can go wrong especially with the fonts used so that is where I step in doing and then charging for the maintenance to get it corrected.

This website I built for a client which they maintain and have done for about 4-5 months now - https://www.financialstreams.com.au

What if that client doesn’t have a apple device?

@Colbitos_way, Then it won’t work. Sparkle only works on Apple macOS.
As a web designer you can offer an after care service where you can maintain their website - not only edits but SEO, etc… to make it worth their while.

Oh ok I see. Most people have at least an iPhone so can they make edits from there?

@Colbitos_way, Sorry that is a no as well.
For now Sparkle only runs on macOS, aka iMac or macBook Air/Pro.

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So have you ran into any problems with people wanting access to their site to make changes that don’t have a Mac?

@Colbitos_way, No because I pre-screen them and let them know that i will be maintaining it as an after sales care service or if they want to edit they will need an iMac or MacBook Air/Pro.

And what about the domain and web hosting. You take care of that as well? I am just starting web design and I am trying to pic my platform and I really like Sparkle. I just want to make sure my clients are happy.

@Colbitos_way, As a web designer I offer a client the lot to keep it all inhouse. So yes we can purchase their domain name on their behalf and offer them our carbon neutral hosting packages.

I have kept it all together to offer the best service I know how for a client, and through the process educate them in how to present their business in an ethical eco-conscious way! :slight_smile:

In the end this is my business and there are a lot of clients out there that will love how I offer it! :slight_smile:

It’s all starting to make sense now. Thank you so much for your help. I have one last question though. Is there a certain billing app that you use to bill the customer?

@Colbitos_way, Yes I do and it not only takes care of the invoices, but also contracts (important), helps with onboarding, schedules, workflows, etc… and that is Dubsado - https://dubsado.com

This is my one stop shop management system and I pair it with Trello to keep my clients on check…

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I never let a client update or make changes to their site. I’ve yet to see a client not wreck their site. I handle everything for them from domain, to setting up hosting (I don’t host anymore), to design, to maintenance. It’s actually cheaper for a client to have me handle all rather then come back after they trashed their site. I won’t take on a client who demands s self maintained site.

What clients pay me for is revenue generation, convenience, and reputation (theirs, not mine).


@thetravelhikelife, love your take on the topic! :slight_smile:

I thought to try it both ways to see which way I’ll be leaning and I too will work towards offering it as an after sales service. With the Financial Streams website they have mucked the font up twice already and now the mobile navigation has shifted so in the end it is far better for me to do it and save all the hassle and frustration. Life is a big learning lesson! :slight_smile: