Help me create an order form

Good afternoon. How do I create a product order form without using third-party modules (Ecwid, for example). I need a simple form so that I can specify the quantity of goods, and the total was sent to the email. No payment.

An example of a letter I should receive
“From: Organization No. 1
Product: Product 1 - 8 pcs, Product 2 - 3 pcs, Product 3 - 5 pcs”

Well you can just use text fields for each and let the user write any amount there. You can’t lock the user under a certain quantity using default Sparkle forms. Perhaps ou can lock the user within a single digit range (like from 1 to 9) on specific text fields, but that’s about it.

Ecwid (or “third-party modules” as you described) are full fledged ecommerce tools. They handle stock quantity, payment options, client details, product shipping and a bunch of more stuff useful for ecommerces.

So how i would make it:

Text Field: Client Name
Text Field: Email
Text Field: Organization
Text Field: Telephone number (?)
Text Field (not single line): What products are you interested in?

I think that should be enough from what you’ve described.

It works. Thank you so much!