HI all, I am in need of an Audio_Music new release website page

I am finally getting ready to release a couple pieces and need to add to my current site a Listen click to purchase or download page.

Most of the articles I am finding are dated several years back. Are there any Music related templates current market out there?

Suggestions for best techniques?


Maybe the following templates by @Chris at Sparkle Themes could help…

Also more here by Sparkle Templates (I forgotten who by and it doesn’t say on their website)…

All these are recent template layouts so maybe you can get something from them?
I haven’t released any music templates so count me out.

And maybe you can check this out for inspiration - 30+ Best Music WordPress Themes 2023 - aThemes
I know I know, wordpress but I’m suggesting it for inspiration! :innocent:

Thanks, better late then never.