HI All, New Website, With Broken Links, thoughts please

I changed to only this page and back and now they are working… I had this issue once before.

This is the 4th website i have built with sparkle, Latest Version.

I know I am not using sparkle to produce the most current style or with the many affects I could be adding.

I am looking for suggestions please.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @jfmusic, I can make a few suggestions…

  • Search results page needs a change of font colour because it is illegible at the moment
  • On mobile the Search input & button needs to be larger for touch
  • On mobile the main navigation needs to be larger for touch
  • On mobile your dropdown navigation needs to be brought to the front
  • Your Contact Form is far too small on mobile and non-touchable
  • Your footer area could do with a bit more upper padding so to clear content

The other thing is I see you are not running an SSL Certificate against your domain?
Also check all your buttons on mobile and make sure they a legible and touchable.

A bit more refining but a great start! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the input! I have cleaned up some if it . Still need to republish . Your insights in button sizes , greatly appreciated , I will change them as well.

My opinion if you are charging them then your advertising at bottom should be faint if any especially seeing how it makes up half of the content on the home page.

I have been creating websites for fun since 1998 in every program and from scratch Sparkle is amazing tool that removes so much headache and allows you just to create.

To get an idea of what I am talking about my website for my painting business the branding is at the bottom in small print

Painterslondon.ca “Lifevue Studios”.

Yes your page is very clean…
I lack front page information beyond what is there .

And was told fro SEO splitting pages and giving advise etc. is better.
Better than keeping all on one page.

Still reworking… Its getting better but still a large lack of new POP Special effects etc…

Seo is a different beast internal linking to words that are related and or pages are the biggest things you can do for Seo that is straight forward. My opinion is Google Is in the business of providing new fresh relevant content for it customers (those people doing searches). So it is looking for relevant information that is fresh and as well as coming from an website that is a authority in that subject. (easier said than done). Having so many do follow external links also lowers your internal linking power ( or what i like to call juice or energy). It is like leaving your doors open when you have the AC or heat on in your house. External links from other sites to your site work very well only if they are relevant to to the same keywords or subject and they are authority website. Creating content that helps your customer like types of strings to use brands that you carry and why, Why some one should change the strings and how often. how long does it take if dropped off today is it next day. Do you only do Cello or other string instruments as well. And if only Cello why ? tell your story why you choose the cello to repair ? Tell us how you take the care and time too delicately refine and fine tune the instrument to play like it should play. Your website is your story the better you tell your story and involve the people and their love for their instrument the better you will sell them. The most important thing you are missing is the city or location you service this should be mentioned on every page with words like we service String instrument restoration Beverly Hills, California and on another page Cello restoration Beverly Hills, Ca on contact page have address if possible. Have these phrases linked to the page before it like a book all heading forward to the cover or home page or just to the homepage. Seeing how you only have a few pages any other help is limited. Put a footer in with links to pages that are important. Using Sparkle is a good choice as it helps with all the optimization of a site and speeds up your website with it doing all the hard work for you.

A lot to think about, thanks.