Home Page Disappears Hours After Publishing


I’ve been using sparkle for years, and love it’s flexibility and continued updates. After publishing my site, my home page is visible and then roughly a day later I check and it’s blank, and I’m left with an empty white screen. All my additional pages are just fine, and can be accessed by typing in their specific addresses, it’s only the home page that seems to disappear.

I’m not 100% sure what the cause of this could be, or if anyone else has experienced this.

I host with bluehost (domain is godaddy) and I am using the newest version of Sparkle Pro. This is my first time running into this issue, and don’t mind triple checking my settings to see if I’ve overlooked anything, but any support is greatly appreciated.

Doesn’t ring a bell, never heard of this. So the home page is gone now? What’s the address?

Since posting in this thread I went ahead and republished. Currently the home page is visible, but I will circle back if it’s blank tomorrow. In the past it’s usually gone blank within a day.

In the event anyone else runs into this issue, I’ll note that I toggled the Safari Full Bleed option off this go round. Will report back if making this change was helpful.

What’s the website address?
Have you had a look on your website hosting account if a file is missing like the index.htm or index.pho?
For me sounds like a hosting issue.