Homepage missing after password protecting site

My new site was ready and published. I added password protection and now users can log in. Great!
Everything works, except the homepage on the internet is still the old homepage . Changes since I password protected the site are not visible. The real homepage (is not visible on the web.

It is not an cache problem on my devices, I checked. And all changes are always instantaneous after publishing.


If the home page shows up in preview, everything should work Ok when published online. The one thing you should check is whether or not you still have the original Index.html page on your server. If your login form is on the home page of your website, it’s extension will change to .php (index.php). this will appear to be a new file when uploaded to a server, so your original index.html may still be on the server. In most cases, servers will deliver the html version of the page first, and only if that isn’t found will it serve a php page. You can check if this is the case by putting the full URL of your site in a browser including the /index.php. If your new page displays, you’ll know what the problem is. Just go and delete the old index.html from your server.

Thanks. But… I just found out that the problem goes away when I designate the homepage as a normal page (warning: no homepage!) To me very strange.

The login form was (and is) on the second page of the site, never on the homepage. Your suggestion with /index.php only gave ‘not found’.

I tried changing .htaccess but that didn’t help. I’m not technical at all so this costs a lot of sweat. :wink:

You shouldn’t have to do anything with your .htaccess file - best to leave it alone. What you need to do is just enter your domain in a browser and see what comes up on screen. Whatever appears must be labeled as index.something. If nothing appears, or you get an error message, it means you don’t have an index.html or index.php file on your server. Check it and get back to me with what you see. Check the page name in the browser window.

@Monux If you want your login page to be the first page a User sees then make sure it is marked as the Home Page, and not as a Regular Page in the right hand panel.

Then re-publish.