Host Updated PHP to 7.4 - UPDATE

My host just updated PHP to 7.4 and I just made these changes to my account/domains.

I re-loaded my primary site just in case and things seem to be working just fine. Is there anything within Sparkle I need to be aware of - any hidden gotchas I should prepare for or, change?

Sparkle is compatible with all versions of PHP that you’d want to use, and more. PHP 5.6 is the first compatible version (due to its support for international character sets), but is actually no longer being developed and has security bugs, so it would work but we don’t recommend it. PHP 7.x or 8.x all work fine with Sparkle.

Sparkle did have a bug that affected contact forms sent via “EMail via server” on Linux servers running PHP 8 or later, but upgrading to Sparkle 4.0.7 solves that.

I kinda figured Sparkle was doing it’s job in the background since the site is responding normally and you guys would be on top of it. I don’t even know what PHP is or does, I just know it’s the rocket-science in the code that lets things work on the front end. I think. haha

Thanks for the swift reply and info.

If anyone uses HostGator and got the email to update to PHP 7.4, don’t. It slows things down and causes hiccups in the connection.
I just experienced this and tech support said to just revert to 7.3. ugh… whatever
I did go back and things are back to normal with respect to performance.