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Hello everyone!

Since I started working with Sparkle the hosting service I used was WebFaction. It was a bit hard to set up because God knows that I’m no genius but I managed. A few months ago the service shut down and I got migrated to TsoHost.

It’s an utter NIGHTMARE. I won’t go into details because i don’t want to turn this into a hate post.

So, long story short, I’m looking for new web hosting services that are decent, easy to use, have at least an ok support service and work properly with Sparkle. Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance!

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@eatlon, Sorry to hear about your hosting dilemma! :frowning:

Knowing you reside in Madrid you are most likely looking for an EU hosting service. We have some great ones here in Australia but I’ll leave it up to the EU Sparkle(rs) to help you out. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Hi, back in Germany I always used or com
It’s affordable and great service.

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If that recommandation is wanted, I can recommend If you are in europe!!
They might not be the cheapest, but have a extremely good service in english and other languages!

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I’ve been using NameCheap for years. Great online chat support 24/7 - Uses cPanel and a good range of low cost hosting packages. You can choose servers in the US, UK or EU. You can optionally have a unique IP address and, on their business hosting, custom name servers. This means when someone checks the whois record for any of your domains, they will see your IP is only shared by the number of domains you have, rather than the 30,000 plus that you can see on most shared hosting systems. Below are two examples of whois records for two domains, both using the same hosting company. The important bits, for domain reputation, are highlighted in red.

EDIT. The company offers some great first-year discounts!!



Yo también busqué un alojamiento para tontos!! Tontas en este caso. Si, no soy una genio de los términos de alojamiento, hosts, y demás términos que no consigo entender, ni siquiera soy un genio de las páginas webs, pero necesitaba publicar mi trabajo para darme publicidad.

Por un lado encontré Sparkle, que me ha hecho la vida más fácil y me ha quitado dolores de cabeza. Por otro LucusHost, son de Lugo, españoles, jamás me ha dado un problema, se integra perfectamente con Sparkle, configuras y listo. Una vez al año me pasan la factura, que tengo que decir que es perfectamente razonable 54 € por el alojamiento y el dominio. Un par de dudas que me surgieron al principio, me respondieron en menos de media hora, rápidos, eficaces y seguros. Totalmente recomendable, llevo con ellos desde el 2018.

Saludos, espero te sirva de ayuda.

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I’ve bounced around a few hosts to try to avoid servers that host spammer and then cause me to be blacklisted. A lot of the hosts are really owned by the same company. I finally settled on Hawkhost, which is a Canadian company and very independent.


OMG! TSOHost! I feel your pain. My friends and I have been using them for some time since back when they were 5quidhosting - when they were good. I recently moved a few domains to their cPanel hosting and like you, I had a BIG disaster, especially with email which was bedevilled with multiple problems including mail from the hosted domains being marked as spam. One of the servers through which mail was routing was being marked by SpamAssassin as a spam server. The TSOHost people told me that I had to bounce my router to get a new IP address and their system would then use a different server (Huh?). I told them that we have a static IP address from our ISP (Zen) so there would be no new IP address. They then said that we would have to request a new IP address. By this time, I had spent several weeks trying to get things working and this was the proverbial straw. Immediately moved to Zen who are a bit pricey but setup was quite easy, support was good and all my problems have mysteriously ceased. TSOHost is now a GoDaddy subsidiary. Run like hell.


I think you’ve perfectly highlighted some of the chief problems with some low-cost hosting companies. Domain and server reputation is so important in this day and age - particularly when it comes to email deliverability. I have clients who were attempting to use low-cost hosting to conduct email campaigns to potentially 1,000’s of subscribers. Delivery rates were about 20% which resulted in denial of service notices. Since moving these clients to hosting that gives them a unique IP and custom name servers, deliverability has increased to over 90% - As they say, you only get what you pay for!!!


Fully agree - We are based in NZ and use NameCheap for the SSL Certificate. They provide great support.

1 Like is also a good choice. I use it as reselker for all my clients

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