Hover Impact on Text / Icons over button

Hi There,

Is there any way we can either nullify the hover effect of any additional text / icon placed over the button. Or if we can have different font/font size on same button.

I don’t know coding & hence wanted to draw my solution form Sparkle 4.0 itself.

Elaboration : Initially when I placed my text over a box nothing happened hence I converted the box to button then over preview if I hover on the text the button looses its hovered impact. If I put the additional text on additional button & place over the previous button (converted from box) then the problem moves to the previous button. How can I resolve this, Please.

Sorry I don’t understand what the trouble is, could you elaborate?

I know @Mandheer.Singh you have tried to explain this further but I’m somewhat still confused…

You can’t change a text box to a button, it can only be done if you combine a box with a text box (then right click, convert to button). After that you can “On Click” to give the button an action.

Thanks for your reply, I want to frame the squares as buttons however the text has two different sizes. I can add one text box to the box but cannot both. In one button we cannot have text with two sizes, fonts, etc.

No not possible, but…

The other way is you can place a button (remove “button” from right hand panel) over the one text size box, and then another button over the second text size box. Or you can just cover all your text with the one button.

Thanks, to be more simple, I’m loosing the hovering colours after moving on to the text (added separately) on the big button only when my cursor hovers the text on the button. It gets is colours back when mouse hovers directly on the button. It will be helpful if you can share any reference video for the same or step by step guidance, Please.

Reply awaited, Pls. Will be really helpful if you can share some related presentation or video. Thanks

I am a bit lost what you mean. More information as photos or better video would help us to see your issue.