Hover Menu options - horizontal and vertical issues

I have a menu with submenus and an issue I can’t solve with orientation. Please help!

When the menu is set horizontally and you hover the mouse over a main menu item, the submenus appear as required. When you move the mouse away from the main menu item, the submenus disappear (and, as I have it set, the main menu items then neatly reshuffle back to original places).

However, this doesn’t happen in vertical!
You hover over the main menu item, the submenus appear as above, BUT when the mouse is moved away, the submenus persist and you have to manually click on the main menu item to make it’s submenus disappear. This is very annoying!

Is there a way to get the vertical submenus to operate the same way as the horizontal submenus? I can’t find a customisable option for this.

Many thanks for any help - it’s driving me up the wall!

Yep a strange one @Anska.
I have never had this issue so it might be unique to your project. It might be best to let @duncan know at feedback@sparkleapp.com. The project file and screenshots explaining it would help greatly when getting hold of Duncan…


I think that’s the normal behavior. Check my post here:

Mr. F.

Check your layers to make sure the dropped-down submenus when extended vertically aren’t UNDER another Sparkle layer - a text box (with or without text), a control or block of some kind - that leaves the menu items visible, but out of the hover notification chain so no “leaving” notice gets back to the menu to make them go away. I’ve found problems displaying, tapping and hiding drop-down menu items in the past (particularly in small-screen layouts) because the menu and its items aren’t front-most in the layers. FWIW.