Hover or Mouseover effects with text Hyperlinks

I know how to create a hyperlink, but how do I give a text link a rollover /mouseover / hover effect, so that it shows it’s a hyperlink? Text can usually be set to change colour when hovered over, to emphasise the fact that it’s a hyperlink. Can’t find any options to enable this in Sparkle.

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@BrianT, I would love this function in Sparkle, but for now Sparkle doesn’t allow for it…

The only way for now is using a bit of CSS. But first of all you will need to go to Settings / Miscellaneous / Allow html element ID customisation and activate that. Once done you can ID your text box, and use something like the following in an Embed element… #ID:hover {opacity: 0.7;}, where ID is what you called the text element.

But for intuitive ease I’m really really hoping we see this soon on Sparkle! :slight_smile:

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Wouldn’t it be easier to create a button in the text - can even be an “invisible” button. Then, at mouseover or hover, you can change the text colour and if you wish even the button background colour, or put a frame, or … (so many possibilities)
Or you can change the colour of the “Body Link” e.g. to blue and remove the underline.

I’ve set one of a few hyperlinks as a button and this gives the desired result. I just thought there must be a better / quicker way and that I’d missed the option or setting.

On a different note, I’ve been using Sparkle since September 2015 - over 6 years - and yesterday thought I’d register for this forum as I wanted to ask about hyperlinks. I carefully noted my Username and Password when registering on a Windows PC (through which I’m still logged in).
Today I’ve tried to login to my account on my Mac and I’m asked for Email/Username and Password. My Email and my Username logged with Sparkle are entirely separate - which one should I use - Email or Username? I’ve tried them both, with the correct Password (as noted yesterday when registering) and nothing works. I’ve clicked the ‘I forgot my password’ link and I’m still waiting for an email…

5 hours later and I’ve still not received an email with which I can change or reset my login details…