Hover over video text

Hey Guys,

I’m loving the program, for someone who doesn’t know anything about web coding its awesome. But I have a question. I have a website with video links. I’d love it if it were possible that when your mouse hovers over the video, test can appear showing the title of the piece. I have tried this using a button, but I then cant click in the video anymore to bring up the lightbox. Any ideas?


I’m afraid that’s not currently possible sorry.

Thanks for your reply Duncan. Is it something that is planned for future updates of the software?

Hard to say, what you want is certainly something that can be coded, it’s not very common though, and it’s unclear what the exact behavior should be. Possibly Sparkle will become flexible enough to support manually setting up something like that, though the description you provide leaves open many questions that prevents a definite answer.

@ Editor.
Well not what you are asking for, but for one of my sites I made this solution.
Perhaps it will give you some ideas.