How can I use the same slideshow a second time

I’ve made a slideshow on a website voor the desktop and since it was a lot of work (order, labels, etc.) I would like to use it for mobile as well. But if I adapt anything in the mobile view, it changes on the desktop as well.

So I thought to be clever and duplicate the slideshow, leave the original for the desktop and adapt the duplicate on mobile to my taste. But much to my surprise that doesn’t seem to work, the changes still make it to the desktop version as well.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this just not possible in Sparkle?

Or should work, but it sounds like there might be some bug there. Best if you send us the project via email at (or via wetransfer).

@duncan: thanks a lot, just mailed you the project file (it’s a small website, so just over 10 MB).

I saved the project, restarted my Mac and tried again, and it suddenly all worked without a problem.

Thank you Duncan, because of your reaction I realised that this is something that Sparkle should be able to do, which led me to the realisation that something was amiss over here.