How did I do this button effect?

Last week on this project I added the light blue color behind this hyperlink text (McDowall’s earlier work). It looks exactly this way in the browser and is what I want to repeat.

I would like to apply this same button look to the text immediately to the right (View new…)

For the life of me I can not figure out how I applied the blue box button effect. How do I replicate this again?

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I figured it out. Opening the cog wheel on the style tab opens another group of options, including text background. Maybe I should steer away from the Advanced Options.

Glad you sorted it. For future reference, there is a quick and easy way to recreate styles. Right-click on the button style you want to replicate and select Copy Style from the context menu. Then click on the new button, right-click and Paste Style. Your two buttons will now have identical styles.


Thanks, very helpful.

I not even noticed that!! Thanks a lot for mentioning that. :ok_hand: