How do I add a dynamic HTML code link to my web page?

To add the Better Business Bureau logo to my web site, they email you HTML code that creates their official seal and links back to your business profile. This is so if you become a crook, they can unlink it. You are supposed to copy and paste it into your web site using the HTML editor.
Their instructions…

  1. Copy the provided Seal Code or enter your email address, so you receive an emailed copy of the code. You can copy the provided code by running your cursor over the entire code to select it all, right clicking, and choosing “copy”.
  2. Once the entire code is copied, paste the code into your website’s HTML editor on the page(s) you want the Accredited Business Seal to appear. Example: Homepage, Footer, About Page, Checkout Page, etc. You can find your HTML editor on the backend/admin login of your website. You may need to contact your IT department or web designer to assist you with this step.

Can this be done using Sparkle? If so how.
Thank you very much.

Yes @BlueSky this can be done quite easily…

  • Go to the “+” icon at the top of the Sparkle UI
  • Then add Embed under the title Special
  • Once added click on the Embed element and your’ll see on the right hand panel Embedded Content
  • Here is where you will place the given code

Good luck…