How do I allow a web seo developer to work on my sparkle site?

I have sent them the project file but they tell me that they are having no success

Hi @Michael, welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

To make sure, are they opening it in Sparkle on their end?

If they are then it is a strange thing regarding their comment.
There is a lot of things you can do in Sparkle to work and present a rock solid SEO for the number of search engines out there!

Thanks for the friendly answer. It is a bit hard to ascertain at this stage they have said so but I am getting the info through a third party (project manager) the company is based in Singapore I am in Australia. They tell him then he tells me It’s a bit of a long process answers can take a week or so but I will double-check again. From your answer, it is possible to work on the project files. I email the project file to them on air-drop.

Hey Aussie! :slight_smile:

Yes it is. As you can work in the Sparkle project file so can they, but they have to have the Sparkle app on their end to open it. If you have created features that Sparkle Pro facilitates then they have to have on their end Sparkle Pro to see everything in your project file.

When they are finished I assume they will place it back in the shared folder. Then you would open the revised project file with all your SEO in your Sparkle app ready for Publishing.

The Sparkle Team has made it very simple to create great SEO for your website. Here is some of the guidelines - SEO Assistant | Sparkle Documentation

I do all my SEO for my websites and if you follow the above guidelines you can get some pretty good results! :slight_smile:

Many thanks! that makes things a lot clearer I will pass this info on to the team. best regards:-)

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Welcome Michael, I am also in Australia, South Australia to be exact, and my name is also Michael. :slight_smile:

Hi Michal,

Just a little note of caution. Most SEO companies are quite ethical and will often do a good job. However, be aware that many SEO people don’t work with the original files used to create the website - they usually work directly on the published HTML files. If the company you’re using has Sparkle and is willing to make the SEO changes within the app, directly in your project file, then you will be very lucky. However, if they publish the file, either locally or to their own server, and then start tinkering under the hood, you may not be able to save their changes in your sparkle project file. This basically means if you publish an update to your website, the SEO changes may be lost.

I would clarify with them how they intend to change your website - will it be by making changes to your Sparkle project, or will it be changes to the published HTML. If it’s the first option, you should be OK (in fact it will show that there is little they could do that you can’t do yourself). If it’s the latter option, the SEO changes will only last for as long as you don’t modify/update your website.

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Just out of curiosity, what are these - very few - things that we cannot do with Sparkle?

I think you may have misunderstood. I was stating that whatever the SEO people can do within your Sparkle project file, you can do yourself. This is because the changes they make would have to be done through the Sparkle interface - that interface is available to you as the user, so you could do the same thing.

The sort of things that SEO people tend to do is tinker with the underlying code. This can be done to a degree from within the Sparkle interface by adding additional code to the pages using Sparkle’s code integration options. So, as long as you know what you’re doing, you can do everything yourself.

In those instances where you need the advice of an SEO expert, and they don’t have Sparkle, you can simply pay them for the information you need and and make changes to your project directly in Sparkle. I’ve worked with a number of SEO companies who don’t possess a copy of the development platform (such as Sparkle), and are quite happy to sell their expertise so you can make their recommended changes within the development environment.

When you allow people to alter the underlying code of your pages, regardless of the development platform, you risk losing the SEO benefits every time the site is updated.

Thanks for the detailed explanation. Actually I got it right.

I asked because I was wondering if anything needed to be done other than what I did with the SEO tools on Sparkle.