How force users browser to refresh

Hi all,

we did change things in our website.
Some cellphones still show the OLD version unless the user himself
gives the command in the browser to refresh…reload…

**is there a way (in website programming/ inside **
to force that the users browser is REFRESHING the website automatically.


This isn’t an issue I’ve experienced with Sparkle files. If my memory serves me well, I think Sparkle has cache busting built into it. If I upload a new version of a site, I see the changes instantly on mobiles and desktops.

I think the issue you have maybe something to do with server caching - essentially, the server has its own cache which normally empties periodically. You should ask your hosting provider if this is the case. If they do have an extended cache time, you could ask them to add an .htaccess file to your domain to bust the server cache if the site has been changed.

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Sparkle still doesn’t produce the necessary server configuration to prevent caching, it’s not always a problem, but when it is you can use the server configuration mentioned here:

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Hi Duncan, thank you very much for this information. We will check it out.