How to delete Scroll Locations?

Sometimes I copy a page to make a new similar one which doesn’t need the scroll locations the first one got. I would like to remove/delete them. By right clicking on it I can see the delete function, but it’s greyed out.
Is there a way to get rid of them? (I know they are not doing anything when not referred to, but I prefer clean pages without unnecessary things.


Mark the scroll location (3 bars left) and hit the delete key.

Mr. F.

That’s what I tried: Click on the three bars does nothing, so I right click on it. I can see the delete command, but it is greyed out and also the delete key doesn’t do anything.
How can I “Mark the scroll location” ?
Thanks for your help.

Hi Chris.

A Scroll location is a horizontal line on the canvas. You can mark it when you move the mouse pointer to the left end of this line where you see three tiny bars The mouse pointer becomes a hand (on my machine). Just click.

Now in the right column you should see the inspector window that shows the position of the scroll location. Hit DELETE on the keyboard.

Or [fn] and [backspace] if you have the small keyboard.

Mr. F.

Hi Mr_Fozzie
Thank you VERY MUCH for your patience. Your last explanation was so clear and to the point and it was exactly what I needed.
I don’t feel that in general I am stupid and I have quite a long Mac experience, but somehow this solution didn’t come to me naturally; I got stuck at the point, where the right click onto the three lines just gave me a greyed out “delete”.
Thanks again

Hi Chris.

You’re welcome. It was a pleasure to be able to help.
Sometimes it’s just the little things that get in the way.

Mr. F.

I have the small keyboard and don’t need to press the Fn key. I can just left click the scroll locator and press backspace. It would be strange if that wouldn’t work for you.

Thanks Sven; as I pointed out in my last post, I just didn’t realize that after clicking on the three lines on the left of the scroll location, it was activated (I didn’t see any difference in appearance which usually is the case). But now I can do it, thanks to Mr.F.
And btw I have a large keyboard …

Yes I do understand. But he emphasised to press the DELETE key or press Fn with backspace, where, with the scroll bar correctly selected, backspace works without pressing that key. That was not clarified in this thread hence my contribution.