How To embed a External WebPage into a Sparkle Page?

I have a website for a theater, they use Eventbrite for ticketing and I simple want to have their specific Eventbrite event webpage pull-up on the theater main page under the features box. I have a button link to the page under my hamburger menu " that works fine" , but I swear I was able to do this before, I must have forgotten how to do it ? unless it’s a no go ?


It is very easy to embed an external web page like Eventbrite into Sparkle.

I’m sure Eventbrite would have a snippet of code you can use to embed their ticketing page into a website. Once you have that code you can do the following…

  • Introduce an “Embed” on the Sparkle canvas
  • With the Embed container being active you’ll see on the right hand panel an area called “Embedded Content
  • Paste the snippet of code into this area
  • Also work the following settings below the embed container based on how you are running your website’s privacy policy
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