How to "locate a dealer"

How to realize/implement something like this.

Has anyone already done this with sparkle?

Seems sort of outside the scope of Sparkle but you can have the search function work for you maybe… have each dealer page include the zip code, and then have the user search by zip code, and then that dealer page will come up. Sorta janky but that’s all I can think of rn. good luck!

I have the same request from a client that have 12 stores. How can we create a search stores engine by city or postal code? His there a way to used Google map in conjunction with SPARKLE to do this?

Sparkle doens’t handle dynamic requests, so this is currently not possible.

The way some websites (and WordPress plugins) do this is connecting via Google Maps API and receiving dynamic info on stores (postal, street and number) and ask for the users location. I’ve done one of these recently (it only show stores in Brazil).

Hi primo, your site looks very professional BRAVO!

That is exactly what I need, do you have to pay a fee to install the Google API on your button ONDE COMPARAR?
What is the steps to config the button in SPARKLE?
Or did you find a YouTube video explaining how to do that?

This website wasn’t made in Sparkle, but you could achieve a mid term solution using Sparkle and a button that links to another platform, or a custom map marker/Google map listing!