How to make footers stay at the bottom

I’m importing many of my old Muse sites over and it’s wonderful…one question though. How to I make the footer appear on every page? I’ve only found answers for the older versions of Sparkle and not 5.5.1

Many thanks

It is fairly easy @Girlwerks

First group your footer Box (or Widebox) and all the elements it contains.
Then go to you right hand panel (with the your footer clicked) and Arrange / Visibility / Show On All Pages.
As a bonus! While you are in that area by ticking Move With Page Bottom you can have your footer stay stuck to the bottom of your web pages.

So with all the above done you just need to make changes in the footer on the one page and that change will cascade across all your other web pages! :slight_smile:

Like you I have moved across all my Muse websites and haven’t looked back!
And as a bonus Sparkle does it far better and is rock-solid!!! :slight_smile:


OMG!!! Thank you…I LOVE it here!!!

and yer right…Sparkle does it way better and is more FUN!

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