How to make On Click trigger two actions?

I’ve created an accordian like in the Q&A demo here
I have a “jump to latest” button which moves me to the latest Answer layout block (the last on the list; lowest in the scroll).
I’ve created a scroll location inside the last layout block. The button successfully takes me to it regardless of how many other layout blocks have been expanded, but the layout block itself remains hidden.
How can I change that layout block’s visibility status with the same click as the Go To Page?

It isn’t possible to create two actions on a single link. I’m not sure how you’ve set up your FAQ, but I’m assuming that you have a link somewhere on the page that takes visitors to the FAQ section of the page.For this you would set up a scroll location to the FAQ group that you’ve created. If you always want the latest answer to be displayed, it’s best to have the latest answer as initially visible, rather than hidden. This way, if someone clicks the scroll location link, it displays the FAQ with the latest answer expanded. From there visitors can click on the other questions to reveal the relevant answers.

hoped to avoid it, but that was my intended workaround. thanks.