How to PUSH a button with Countdown?

I want to push 4 buttons - one after another - almost immediately when someone visits the homepage. Countdown would be perfect but it just enables a button, it doesn’t push it, at least not in my tests. Is there a way to accomplish it?

Why? I have 4 pictures in a row. Each with a button. Click on a picture and below the picture a corresponding text pops up. That works, thanks to popups. The selected picture even gets a frame around it to show it’s selected. But the viewer has to KNOW they have to click (or hover). So I thought I should show it the moment they open the page. Ideas?

You could realise that with animations. Set the buttons to fading in and give each button a different time.
That should work.

With Countdown, you mean? That is exactly what I tried, but it doesn’t work.

Not sure then, works here. Maybe you show us what it do or not do.

Thanks MiWe, hope this helps!

I think I need to leave this to @duncan, you probably should send your project file to Duncan so he can have a look.

Maybe this helps…

Yesss! Thank you. You made my week! :partying_face: