How to redirect an old link to new url

I’m recreating/redesigning my website (which was not created with Sparkle). In some cases for better layout/organization I want to place pages in folders (submenus), which was not previously the case. But that will change the url, adding the folder name before the page name. But there are already links out in the world to the original url. Is there a way within Sparkle to set up a redirect to the new page if someone clicks on an external link to the old page? Thanks.

Not so much in Sparkle @zim528, but you can do the following…

  • Design & create a 404 page with your sites navigation on it, and upload it to your hosting server
  • Permanent redirect (via the cPanel) the old URL onto the new URL


Contrary to FlaminFig’s opinion, I think it can be done with Sparkle’s on-board tools after all.

  • Keep the old page(name) and remove the content (which is now on the new page).
  • Add some text that the site has been redesigned.
  • Place the smartfield “Countdown” and set the action to “Go to page xyz” (the new page) when it expires.

This inflates your page a little bit concerning the number of pages, but it shouldn’t bother you too much.

Mr. F.

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Thanks. Just did a quick test and this seems to do what I need!

Well, maybe spoke too soon. Yes, I created the new page, and then on the old page (original URL) I replaced content with a message about page being moved, and used the countdown smart field, with an instruction to Go To A Page In This Website on expiration. I also gave the option to “click here” if you don’t want to wait for the countdown, and that has the same instruction when clicked, to go to the new page in my website. But after publishing, clicking on the link works, but waiting for the countdown opens a page that simply says Not Found. The url on the Not Found page is my main domain followed by a slash and some numbers and letters ending in .php?r=1 , not the url of the new page. Any thoughts?

Hello :wave:t2:

This error means that the page responsible for redirecting to the new page was not found on your server. You may have accidentally deleted it.
You can try republishing your site, and the missing page should be published along with it.

Another possibility is that your server does not support PHP. However, I don’t think that’s the case because servers usually don’t return a “not found” error in those situations.

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…Or you could try my suggestion @zim528 which will work outright?


That should not happen. Did you choose the new website (where the redirect points to) from the dropdown selection within the countdown settings?

Maybe you discovered a bug.

Mr. F.